Meeting Locations Announcement

March 21st meetings will be held at the Wichita Central Library


April, May, and June will be held at the Evergreen Branch Library while the Central Library location is relocating to the new building.



East v West Charity Challenge

We, as a guild, want to make an impact in our community by not only making items and donating them to locally-based organizations but by raising money as well.

In the spirit of helping these charities and our friends and neighbors in Wichita, we present the East versus West Challenge!

Rules are simple!

1- Pick a team. Dividing line is east or west of the Central Library. Doesn’t matter how far east or how far west you are, that’s what team you’ll be on!
2- Knit, crochet or sew items for the following local charities: Bridget’s Cradles, Knitted Knockers, Victory in the Valley, or the Wichita Family Crisis Center.
Donate money or store-bought items instead. Every dollar donated or spent on donated items towards these charities is worth one point for your team!
3- Bring your donations to the March 21st guild meeting being held at the Evergreen Library.
If donating items and/or money be sure to bring the receipt and the items to claim your points.
4- Guild board will tally points!

Points are as follows:
Bridget’s Cradles Prayer square/Heart: 1 point
Cradle set: 5 points
Knitted Knockers Pair of knockers: 20 points
Individual knocker: 10 points
Victory in the Valley Blanket: 100 points
Wichita Family Crisis Center Hats: 5 points
Mittens/Gloves: 20 points
Scarves: 25 points
Sweaters: 75 points
*Note- Store bought items are only worth their dollar amount in points and not additional points.

The winning side’s participants will get lunch paid for by the Guild at the April meeting, after the morning meeting, 1pm.


Education Monday: Frogging, Tinking, and Lifelines

I’ve been a knitter for more than a decade, but there are still things I learn each time I come to Knitter’s Guild. It’s funny how one technique that seems obvious to someone else may be something I’ve never heard of, and vice versa. One recent example that struck me was the difference between frogging and tinking, and the use of lifelines. Frogging is when you undo your work by ripping it back (think: the rip it, rip it sound of a frog), whereas tinking is undoing each individual stitch at a time (tink is knit spelled backwards). I genuinely didn’t know there was a difference and this made things complicated whenever I’d undo work, because I wasn’t thinking about what made the most sense for that mistake.

It’s so crucial at whatever experience level you’re at to think critically about why you’re doing things a certain way and what purpose it serves. Perhaps you’re new to knitting and are learning how to fix mistakes, this might be a helpful starting resource for you?   Or maybe you’re more comfortable with techniques, and it’s worth it to think about if an afterthought lifeline or a dpn slipped between rows would help you from frogging too far back?

Lastly, I think these two articles (Part 1 and Part 2) would be very useful for anyone struggling to fix mistakes in lace, cables or colorwork. Part of our next meeting is going to be focused on helping each other fix mistakes or frog items that went totally awry, so I hope this can be a starting point for anyone who feels overwhelmed or unsure of how to correct their work.


Due To Weather Conditions


Morning &Evening

We will be moving our Fixing, Friends & Frogging to the March meetings:

  • bring any project that you have a mistake in, don’t know where you are in the pattern, or just need minor help with
  • bring a project, or many, to frog! We’ll have ball winders and swifts to help get your yarn back to a knittable state
  • bring a friend, or many, to introduce them to the Guild. You and your friend will be entered into a drawing for a door prize, if your friend signs up for membership then you both receive a little gift

Don’t forget to work on charity knits!!
I think I will pull out my knitting machine and get some lap blankets done…what will you all work on while home due to the lovely winter weather??

Happy Knitting!!

~Chauntel Ensey, Treasurer & the Wichita Knitters’ Guild Board (old and new while we are in transition)

Helix Knitting: Perfect for leftover charity yarn

Hey y’all! I know we’re continuing our month of charity knitting, but I wanted to think about how we can keep some of that momentum going through the rest of the year. If you’ve found that you have little bits of yarn leftover from all your projects but don’t want to just toss them, this is an awesome way to use it all up for more projects that can be donated throughout the rest of the year.

Helix knitting is a super colorful way to incorporate lots of different yarns in a cohesive way that’s perfect for kid’s projects, which means it’ll be an even faster knit!

I’ve got some helpful resources linked that show how it works, as well as the pattern for the hats featured in the photo:

TechKnitting’s Written and Illustrated Instructions

Technique Instruction Video

Free Helix hat pattern

East versus West Charity Challenge

Charity Organizations needs

Victory in the Valley
Lap blankets no bigger then 40 x 60 inches. Tight gauge blankets and no open work.
Wichita Family Crisis Center
Warm items for women and children. Examples include hats, mittens, socks, scarves, coats.  
Knitted Knockers
Soft, comfortable, knit prosthetics for breast cancer survivors. Please look at website for yarn information and patterns.
Bridget’s Cradles
Cradle sets and prayer squares. Please look at website for specific information in regards to yarn choices and patterns.
Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Wesley
Baby hats for premature babies.  Please use neutral or light baby colors and soft non bulky yarns. 
General Sizing for Premature babies
Small preemie–8 inch head circumference, 3.5 inches high
Preemie–10 inch head circumference, 5 inches high
Newborn–12 inch head circumference, 5.5 inches high
Event officially kicks off Jan. 17 and goes until March 21st. Pick your side of town and knit or crochet for our four charities this year – Knitted Knockers, Wichita Family Crisis Center, Victory in the Valley and Bridget’s Cradles. Each item is a point for your team and every dollar spent for items for that charity or donated to them also counts as one point! Winning side gets lunch, paid for by the guild, at the April meeting! Please contact Teresa Lee if you have any questions.  MAY THE BEST SIDE WIN!  

January 2018 Meeting Agenda

Wichita Knitters’ Guild

January Meeting 01/17/18

  • Announcements:

    • Plyaway 2018 will be held Tuesday-Saturday March 27th-31st at the Crown Center Westin in Kansas City, Mo. Spinning classes are still available and there will be a TON of vendors! Admission is free to shop. More information at
    • Interweave Yarn Fest 2018 will be held March 30-April 1st in Loveland, Colo. Workshops, Marketplace and fun evening activities are planned. For more information go to
    • DFW (Dallas Forth-Worth) Fiber Festival will be held April 6-8th at the Irving Convention Center in Irving, TX. Registration open for knitting, crochet, spinning and weaving classes. Vendor Hall is free and open to the public. For more information go to
    • Knitting in the Heartland 2018 will be held Friday-Sunday April 20-22nd at the Doubletree by Hilton in Overland Park. Lots of knitting classes available as well as vendors. More information at

Show & Share


  • Board Elections
  • Ravelry Tips and Tricks: Ravelry Challenge
  • Presentations on the five charities we will be knitting for this year: Victory in the Valley, Wichita Crisis Center, Knitted Knockers, Bridget’s Cradles, Wesley NICU
  • East v West Challenge


ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP REGISTRATION – If you have not yet, please see Chauntel after the meeting, $30 payable cash or check made out to Wichita Knitters’ Guild


  • Froggin’, Fixin’, and Friends – Bring that project that has been sitting in your “to do” pile because you hate it, you don’t know how to fix it, or you’re just plain unmotivated. We will either frog it or get you on a path to fixing it!
  • February is Bring a Friend to Guild month! Bring a friend and be put in a drawing for a small gift! If your friend signs up for Guild, you’ll both receive a gift!



Teresa Lee – President, Tami Carlson – Vice President
Sarah Sales – Secretary, Chauntel Ensey – Treasurer
Education Coordinator – Deb Romero  Social Media – Rachel Kashani