Watch “How to Measure Your Foot for Custom Sock Fit using the Fish Lips Kiss heel method” on YouTube

Great for other sock measurements as well, not just Fish Lips Kiss heel.


KAWS Upcoming Event“Spinning the Colors; Weaving the Hues”

KAWS 2017

June 2nd, 3rd &4th
Lawrence, Kansas

“Spinning the Colors; Weaving the Hues”

Kaw Valley Fiber Guild welcomes you to the annual conference of the Kansas Alliance of Weavers and Spinners. We are very excited that Lawrence’s own Traci Bunkers will be our keynote speaker. Many of us know and love her Bonkers Handmade Originals hand-dyed fiber.

Traci learned how to crochet when she was 4 and by age 7, she designed a granny square sweater for her unappreciative dog. Lucky enough to have good art programs in her schools, she became interested in textiles, photography, printmaking and ceramics. Then while studying graphic design at the University of Kansas, she learned how to knit and immediately started designing her own sweaters. Up through college, she most identified with photography and saw everything as black and white. But during her junior year in Nice, France she became enchanted with color and it became one of her passions.

After graduating from KU with a BFA, Traci opened her business, Bonkers Handmade Originals, specializing in hand-dyed yarns and fibers, knitted designs, and hand-dyed clothing. She also continued to challenge herself and to grow in her creative pursuits. Her visual journaling and book arts built on her passion for color and the inter-relatedness of creative pursuits. She is the author of three books on journaling and printing and wraps these artistic pursuits into her business and life.

Traci will deliver our keynote address on Saturday – “Color Makes Me Happy.”

KAWS 2017 information


We are committed to passing on the arts of weaving, spinning, dying, knitting and all things fiber to following generations.

April’s Meetings – Socks!! – Wednesday the 19th

Usual times: 10am & 6pm

Usual place: Picket Fence Quilt Co 7011 W Central #129 Wichita, KS

    Program: Socks basics

    Please feel free to bring socks you have knit to show & share. 

    Socks are a very detailed subject, but we plan to cover the basics of sock construction. 

    Materials needed: notebook & pencil, your favorite sock knitting resources, any questions that you may have on sock knitting and/or construction. 

    Recommended reference book:   The Sock Knitter’s Handbook: Expert Advice, Tips, and Tricks


    Cast On Fall 2017 Call For Designs


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    We’re looking for great designers like you.

    Cast On, The Educational Journal for Knitters, is the official publication of The Knitting Guild Association (TKGA). As of the Winter 2016-2017 issue, it is a online only publication available to our members at We are a registered 501(c)(3) dedicated to the education of knitters and we want our publication to reflect that mission. 

    To see the publication, go to, and enter your User Name and Password. If you are not a member, you can use this temporary user name and password to see the current issue: 

    User Name: fall2017 

    Password: fall2017

    Cast On has several regular features. Projects related to these topics are always welcome. 

    • Fashion Framework discusses a particular type of garment or project. For this issue, the topic is Gloves, with an emphasis on texting gloves.
    • Stitch Anatomy discusses a stitch pattern. For this issue the topic is Basketweave Patterns.
    • Learn Something New discusses a specific technique and provides a simple pattern for a small project. Past topics have been Beading and Jogless Joins.
    • Pattern From a Member is restricted to a TKGA member. We give precedence to those working on the Master Hand Knitting Program
    • Special Topics in Finishing
    • Technical articles. We are always interested in articles discussing knitting history and traditions, new ways of doing things, and in depth treatment of techniques 

    Our intention is to have a range of projects in each issue. Proposals for sweaters, accessories, designs for children and babies, and household items. Cast On is not “seasonal”. Our members live all around the world in very different climates. They also are interested in seeing projects for upcoming seasons. 

    The due date for proposals is May 5, 2017. Decisions will be made by May 12, 2017 and yarn support is provided. The garment is returned to the designer after the photo shoot and the designer can request the photographs for their personal use. The rights to patterns revert to the designer one year after publication. Please review this link for designers. Information required for the proposal, price ranges, and sample formats are provided. 

    Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at the email below. I am looking forward to seeing your designs! 


    Arenda Holladay, 

    Editor Cast On Magazine/

    The Educational Journal for Knitters 

    Disclaimer: Garments selected for Cast On must be sized and constructed as requested. Written materials must meet professional standards of proofreading and editing. Items needing minor alteration/revision will be returned to you for adjustment if time permits. Items needing significant alteration/revision will be rejected for final publication in the magazine. We issue payment for designs and written materials only if they are accepted for final publication in Cast On.

    The Knitting Guild

    3/15/17 Tonight’s Meeting

    Our morning meeting was a blast, but we did find out that there is more interest in some aspects of Ravelry, namely forums/groups & searches, than expected. 

    So, with that being said, we’re asking you to limit your Show & Share to 3 items. That way, all will be able to share and the presentation won’t be rushed. 

    Next month we will present Ravelry Stash & Projects. 

    Thanks, all!! Looking forward to tonight! 

    March 15th Meetings 

    Hey, guess what?? 
    Now that we have been schooled on organization, let’s get neck deep in Ravelry! 

    This month we are going to focus on how Ravelry can be our biggest knitting ally. Searches, stash, patterns, yarns, groups, forums, friend activity, you name it, we’ll discuss it. 

    Come prepared with a notebook, and phone or tablet enabled with Internet (sorry, no WiFi setup at Picket Fence yet, but hopefully soon), and questions or suggestions about Ravelry. 

    And, as always, announcements and Show & Share!