Officers’ Roles

Duties of the Officers

  1. President:
  • Attends and runs monthly guild membership meetings
  • Keeps the printer/paper and prints the monthly meeting program as well as all needed handouts
  • Attends and runs monthly guild board meetings
  • Appoints standing committees to be established by the local guild
  • Ex- officio member of any committee
  • Sends a monthly email every Sunday prior to the monthly Guild meeting


  1. Vice-President:
  • Serve as the chairman of the local guild’s program committee should such committee be established
  • Vice-President will act in place of the President in her/his absence or upon request by the President
  • Post a weekly (Mondays) educational article on the website


  1. Secretary:
  • Keep minutes of all proceedings of meetings of the membership
  • Keep minutes of all proceedings of meetings of the Board of Directors
  • The Secretary shall take care of correspondence at the direction of the Board of Directors
  • Post website update including both morning and evening meetings’ photos, information, links, etc within a few days of monthly meetings


  1. Treasurer:
  • Shall receive and disburse all monies
  • Present a statement of the current financial condition at all meetings of the Board of the local guild
  • The Treasurer shall record all funds made available to the guild; shall keep written record of all transactions involving the guild in the guild treasurer’s book (digital version acceptable) and present to the membership an itemized annual report
  • Shall keep an accurate record of members in good standing, together with their current contact information
  • Shall disburse and manage scholarships to the membership


  1. Board of Directors will focus on Education: shall plan the educational programs.



  1. Moderator:
  • A past board member will sit in on board meetings for the first 3 months after vacating the position
  • A past board member will hold the tie-breaking vote on a board decision until the next election cycle that a new president is voted in