East v West Charity Challenge

We, as a guild, want to make an impact in our community by not only making items and donating them to locally-based organizations but by raising money as well.

In the spirit of helping these charities and our friends and neighbors in Wichita, we present the East versus West Challenge!

Rules are simple!

1- Pick a team. Dividing line is east or west of the Central Library. Doesn’t matter how far east or how far west you are, that’s what team you’ll be on!
2- Knit, crochet or sew items for the following local charities: Bridget’s Cradles, Knitted Knockers, Victory in the Valley, or the Wichita Family Crisis Center.
Donate money or store-bought items instead. Every dollar donated or spent on donated items towards these charities is worth one point for your team!
3- Bring your donations to the March 21st guild meeting being held at the Evergreen Library.
If donating items and/or money be sure to bring the receipt and the items to claim your points.
4- Guild board will tally points!

Points are as follows:
Bridget’s Cradles Prayer square/Heart: 1 point
Cradle set: 5 points
Knitted Knockers Pair of knockers: 20 points
Individual knocker: 10 points
Victory in the Valley Blanket: 100 points
Wichita Family Crisis Center Hats: 5 points
Mittens/Gloves: 20 points
Scarves: 25 points
Sweaters: 75 points
*Note- Store bought items are only worth their dollar amount in points and not additional points.

The winning side’s participants will get lunch paid for by the Guild at the April meeting, after the morning meeting, 1pm.


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