September 2017 Meetings


September Meetings

WHEN: Wednesday September 20th, 2017
10 am – 12 pm & 6 pm – 8 pm
WHERE: Picket Fence Quilt Co
7011 W Central #129 Wichita, KS 67212
Happy (almost) Fall!
Knitting season is definitely upon us and we’re looking forward to the cooler change in weather.Meeting Program
At the morning meeting we will have our usual announcements and Show & Share (don’t forget to index card the items you are sharing). Then, we will be assembling Bridget’s Cradles. It’s super simple, just threading ribbon through the cradles using a large eyed, blunt darning needle.
Please bring a large eyed, blunt darning needle, or two, to the meeting with  you.

Remember, we are caring community that has a lot to share through our craft  in charity work. We, as the Board, would like to see our guild membership spend more time on our charity work. There is a poll to see which charities you are most interested in working with. The local charities, such as Bridget’s Cradles, Victory in the Valley, Knitted Knockers, are not all listed on the poll and we expect to have a continual number of items donated to these local organizations.

Please, take a minute and vote on the poll.

At the evening meeting we have a wonderful guest speaker (who just so happens to be a member), Vicki Ronn. Vicki will be presenting “Straw into Gold: Mythopoeia, the Fiber Art, and the Value of Women’s Production”.  It discusses the intersection of the fiber arts (in this case, spinning and weaving), women’s value as cloth producers, and how those arts and value are evidenced in fairy tales and mythology. She will discuss how changes in spinning and weaving technology changed how and why a woman was valued in various societies and how we can see that in stories like “Rumplestitskin” and myths like “The Story of Arachne.”

We will have our usual Show & Share time, as well as assemble any cradles that don’t get finished in the morning meeting.

see Chauntel at the end of the meetings with payment and/or any questions/concerns
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Invite Your Friends

We hope that our first year as a guild has given you the knowledge to grow your knitting skills and repetoire.
Please, invite your knitting friends to help expand our guild membership and diversity!

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