TKGA Master Handknitters Program Grace Period Info

Grace Period Ends 5/10/2017 to Request Instruction Updates 

Those members working on a level of the MHK program can get a copy of the most current directions which are dated 5/10/16 by contacting Carolyn Vance at 

 Co-Chairs strongly suggest that all those working on the MHK program have the most current set of directions available for their level. We will continue to offer copies of the 5/10/16 directions to eligible members free of charge until 5/10/17. On 5/11/17, an update fee of $8 will go into effect.

After 5/10/17, all participants should be working to the 5/10/16 directions. Submissions sent in using any set of previously dated instructions will be returned. Everyone is urged to check the copy of their directions and update if necessary. Remember, it is your responsibility to be sure you are current. Keeping up with the program is a Master Knitter skill. 

Master Knitters can always request and receive updates free of charge for any or all levels by contacting Those working through the program can also receive and request copies of updated instructions for levels that have been passed free of charge. To receive these copies you will need to be a member in good standing. 

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