3/15/17 Tonight’s Meeting

Our morning meeting was a blast, but we did find out that there is more interest in some aspects of Ravelry, namely forums/groups & searches, than expected. 

So, with that being said, we’re asking you to limit your Show & Share to 3 items. That way, all will be able to share and the presentation won’t be rushed. 

Next month we will present Ravelry Stash & Projects. 

Thanks, all!! Looking forward to tonight! 

March 15th MeetingsĀ 

Hey, guess what?? 
Now that we have been schooled on organization, let’s get neck deep in Ravelry! 

This month we are going to focus on how Ravelry can be our biggest knitting ally. Searches, stash, patterns, yarns, groups, forums, friend activity, you name it, we’ll discuss it. 

Come prepared with a notebook, and phone or tablet enabled with Internet (sorry, no WiFi setup at Picket Fence yet, but hopefully soon), and questions or suggestions about Ravelry. 

And, as always, announcements and Show & Share!