February Meetings ~ Organization!!


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Tomorrow’s meetings we are focusing on our organization in our hobby.

Do you use Ravelry to it’s full potential? Do you have your yarn organized in a specific way? How many patterns have you printed over the years and just shoved on a bookshelf? Books & magazines randomly placed? And, what about your needles? Should we talk about the tangle of needles?

Well, we are going to address as much of these seemingly insurmountable issues as time allows. Do you have a great tip or organization trick that you would like to share? We would love to hear, or even see, it!

Also we will have representatives from WPD speaking to us about the Homeless Outreach program here in Wichita. They will be informing us about what we can do to help the needy in our community. If you have any more handmade or personal care donations, please bring them with you to the meetings. We will continue to accept donations and we are proud to be a part of the outreach community.

This month is also Bring a Friend month. Please, grab a knitter and bring them along to see what we are all about. This month’s visit doesn’t count as their one free visit, it’s in addition to.

Looking forward to seeing you at the meetings!!
10am-12pm & 6-8pm

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