Knit-a-Long With US!

Clapotis KAL ~ Jan-March 2017

Yarn Choices & requirements:
-Aran: 400g/820yds US 8
-Worsted: 400g/880yds US 8
-DK: 350+g/600-750yds US 6-8
-Sport: 200-400g/600+yds US 4-6
-Fingering: 100-400g/420-1320yds US 3-6
-Purl the stitch between the twisted stitches on the RS rows instead of using markers
-The slicker the yarn the easier the stitches will drop
-Check Ravelry Clapotis Projects & Yarn Ideas pages for ideas on size

Section Repeats by Weight:
It’s recommended to use the “Rule of Fifth’s”, where you use:
Section 1 + 2: 1/5th of your yarn
Section 3 Straight: 3/5th of your yarn
Section 4 Decrease: 1/5th of your yarn
*This does require you to weigh your ball of yarn prior to starting and frequently during knitting your repeats in each section.

Direct Link to Clapotis patten on
Ravelry Clapotis pattern page:
Craftster Tips & Help:

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